Friday, April 25, 2008

The Week in Technology

Here are some fun links from my RSS feeds as well as other items I've found over the past week or so that I thought were interesting.

Highlights from the SCNR:

Courtesy of Dr. Mihaela Vorvoreanu:
New Media, New Influencers and Implications for the PR Profession
SNCR Closing keynote: The transformational power of blogging

For Students:
Skills for Young PR Pros (From Voce Communications)

Email - The New Interface
Twitter for Journalists

In Politics: Covers the 2008 Election
Search Engine Use in the 08 Election
Web on Candidates

Interesting Blogs of the Week:
Philip Young - Mediations
Fun - Athens Door Guy

Just for Fun:
Student "Tweets" His Way Out of Prison

Upcoming Events: Wish I could participate in this

In other technology news, my laptop is very close to biting the dust and I've been on a search for one over the past few months. Here's my dilemma...I have a Dell Inspiron 8600 and it's served me very well and so has Dell. I have had a couple major service issues including a soda management problem and they've taken care of it through their 'Accidental Damage' coverage. Basically, I need a system that travels well, is affordable and if a PC, has XP (I don't want to deal with Vista).

Note: KS - Yes, I know...get a Mac.


Karen Russell said...

Can you clarify "a soda management problem"?

ProfEnglish said...

Haha, sure. Let me set the scene...during the first semester of my master's program at VT, I was eating lunch at my desk (as I did most days) & I had an ice cold 20oz Diet Coke as my beverage of choice. Someone came in to ask me a question & I put down the bottle, grabbed something from a drawer. As I turned back to hand it to them, over went the full bottle of coke onto the keyboard. Now I did catch it, but not before a good amount splashed all over the computer.

To sum up -> exhausted Kristin + stress + open Coke = disaster during midterms (hence the reason I need the "Accidental Damage Coverage"...what I like to call "Idiot Insurance")

k said...

Yeah. Get a Mac. You can get 10% discount because you're affiliated with a .edu. No excuses.

ProfEnglish said...

K - how much does Apple give you for commission?