Sunday, February 24, 2008

Grady College Pride

I wanted to share a few points of pride for the Grady College. The students at the Grady College are constantly achieving wonderful accomplishments.

New Orleans Trip Audiovisual Presentation
- Product of the Health & Medical Journalism course last semester

Safe Kids Athens
- Product of the undergraduate Bateman PR Case Study Team (undergrad students working on real world problems, producing real world solutions)
- See the video here -

Project for UGA Office of Security & Emergency Preparedness
- Undergraduates in Dr. Sweetser's Research Methods course investigated perceptions of the university during a crisis

Don't forget to register for the Edelman Digital Bootcamp (both undergrads & educators)! It's less than 6 days away.

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Kelly Jones said...

Hi! My name is Kelly Jones and I am a student at Grady and a student of Grady's New Media Institute. Check out some videos we made in Philidelphia last November for the mobile phone. They are health related so I thought you may be interested. Thanks!